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Hydrological forecasting, ensembles and related topics at AGU 2018: Time to write your abstracts

Contributed by Andy Wood and Flavio Lehner, NCAR  You can help to advance the science of hydrological prediction, forecasting systems, and our understanding of the value of ensembles through the presentation of your recent related scientific and practical developments, applications … Continue reading

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Drought Monitoring and Prediction in South Asia

Contributed by:  Vimal Mishra* and Saran Aadhar, Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Gandhinagar, India Drought is one of the most complex natural disasters. In South Asia — a region including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bhutan — … Continue reading

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Using ensemble forecasts to inform risk-based operations of a reservoir in Northern California

Contributed by:  Chris Delaney, Sonoma County Water Agency; John Mendoza, Sonoma County Water Agency; Brett Whitin, California Nevada River Forecast Center; Rob Hartman, Consultant Lake Mendocino is a reservoir located in Mendocino County, California, about 110 miles north of the … Continue reading

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Hydrologic similarity: Bridging the gap between hyper-resolution and hydrologic ensemble prediction

Contributed by:  Nate Chaney (Princeton University) and Andy Newman (NCAR) The ever-increasing volume of global environmental data and the continual increase in computational power continue to drive a push towards fully distributed modeling of the hydrologic cycle at hyper-resolutions (10-100 … Continue reading

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Tracing The Origins of ESP

HEPEX Historical Hydrology Series, Edition 1 Contribution by Andy Wood, Tom Pagano, and Maury Roos, with special thanks to Mike Anderson Every day in the western US and elsewhere in the world, reservoir release decisions are made based in part … Continue reading

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Streamflow flood monitoring and forecasting over Africa with little data

By Justin Sheffield (Princeton University) Recent flooding in Mozambique caused almost 100 deaths and displaced 150,000 people, with extensive damage to infrastructure. Forecasting such an event is a challenge because of the scarcity of on-the-ground data and lack of capacity … Continue reading

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Ensemble Hydrological Forecasting in China: Status and Prospects

Contributed by Qingyun Duan, Beijing Normal University, China The hydrometeorological services of the western countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia and many European countries, have already fully adopted ensemble forecasting methods operationally in their meteorological forecasts, and development and … Continue reading

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HEPEX site outage

Returning visitors may have found the HEPEX site apparently “down” in the last few days. While direct links to posts have been properly working all along, the portal’s front page showed an error message. As it turned out, one of … Continue reading

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The importance of parameterizations for better continental forecast systems

Contributed by Luis Samaniego (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ) Parameterization: An old, ubiquitous, and recurring problem Modeling is a complex human activity because of the crucial trade-offs that have to be made to reach a final objective. According … Continue reading

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Welcome to HEPEX 2015

Contributed by Andy Wood, Maria-Helena Ramos, Fredrik Wetterhall, Florian Pappenberger and Jan Verkade A new year starts for the HEPEX Portal. Last year, a list of New Year’s resolution was proposed and many of you (certainly!) followed our suggestions. 2014 … Continue reading

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