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Summary of the 2018 HEPEX ‘Breaking the Barriers’ Workshop, Melbourne Australia.

Contributed by David Robertson, James Bennett, QJ Wang, Daehyok Shin, Andy Wood, Maria-Helena Ramos, Ilias Pechlivanidis and Fredrik Wetterhall. More than 120 HEPEXers from 15 countries descended on Melbourne, Australia, for three days of sunshine, science and applications at the … Continue reading

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2018 HEPEX workshop, Melbourne, Australia: Breaking the barriers

Contributed by James Bennett (CSIRO) and local organizers team In the afterglow of the highly successful 2016 HEPEX workshop in Quebec City, Canada, the planning for the next HEPEX workshop in 2018 in Melbourne, Australia is underway. Melbourne is far … Continue reading

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Meeting user needs for sub-seasonal streamflow forecasts in Australia

By Tongtiegang Zhao, Andrew Schepen and Q.J. Wang, members of the CSIRO Columnist Team Good streamflow forecasts allow water management agencies to make better decisions and achieve more efficient water use. Currently, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology provides seasonal forecasts of three-month-total streamflow for … Continue reading

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Making connections through HEPEX – A CSIRO experience

By QJ Wang, Andrew Schepen, David Robertson, James Bennett, Durga Lal Shrestha, Yong Song and Tony Zhao members of the CSIRO Columnist Team HEPEX has a reputation as a strong community of like-minded, supportive researchers and practitioners who are collectively bent … Continue reading

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What to look for when using forecasts from NWP models for streamflow forecasting?

By Durga Lal Shrestha, James Bennett, David Robertson and QJ Wang, members of the CSIRO Columnist Team There have been a few posts on NWP performance lately, and so we thought we’d add our perspective. We’ve been working closely with … Continue reading

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Get your geek on: handling data for ensemble forecasting

Contributed by James Bennett, David Robertson, Andrew Schepen, Jean-Michel Perraud and Robert Bridgart, members of the CSIRO Columnist Team There’s something about discussions of data handling that’s particularly soporific – but don’t nod off yet! Most hydrologists are trained to work … Continue reading

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How good is my forecasting method? Some thoughts on forecast evaluation using cross-validation based on Australian experiences

Contributed by David Robertson, James Bennett and Andrew Schepen, members of the CSIRO Guest Columnist Team As hydrological forecasting researchers, we are often excited when we develop new methods that lead to forecasts with smaller errors and/or more reliable uncertainty … Continue reading

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