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Calibrating hydrological model by river gender improves model skill

Contributed by Professor Flora Poil Soon-to-be-published research funded by the international Hits-Sia-Ekoj research programme has shown that hydrological models can be significantly improved by using the link between river name and hydrological behaviour. Professor Poil explains: “Anecdotally, the name of … Continue reading

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Breaking news: Hydrology is the oldest of all scientific disciplines

Posted on April 1, 2017 by Dr Professor McFools The general belief until recently has been that hydrology is a very young discipline — i. e. Homo Hydro is a quite young scientific species — but it is time to … Continue reading

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Can the world of hydrology accept the truth? Let the reign of MEPEX begin!

Contributed by Dr. Meteo McFool and his meteorological accomplices For too long, we have tolerated so called Hydrologists claiming to use their voodoo magic to make enhanced forecasts or claim they know anything about the water cycle. These so-called ‘scientists’, … Continue reading

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HEPEX should ban members from indecisive terms like ‘probabilistic’

Contributed by Dr. McFools Inspired by the recent decision in a State of Florida agency to discourage its public employees from using the term ‘climate change’, I propose that HEPEX should officially ban its members from using non-actionable and confusing … Continue reading

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EXTRA – Ensemble predictions are not real forecasts – EXTRA

Contributed by McFools Forecasting has since the beginning of time been the process of making statements about events whose actual outcomes (typically) have not yet been observed. Consequently, adding uncertainty to your forecast permitted you to make many statements about … Continue reading

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