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The family of the GR hydrological models – Interview with Charles Perrin and Vazken Andréassian

Contributed by Guillaume Thirel and Maria-Helena Ramos, members of the Irstea Guest Columnist Team You may have already heard of one of the GR models developed by the Catchment Hydrology research group at Irstea in the Centre of Antony (France). Or you … Continue reading

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Flood forecasting in the UK: what should we learn from the winter 2015 floods? Interview with Hannah Cloke and David Lavers

Contributed by Louise Arnal In November 2014, a HEPEX post entitled “Flood forecasting in the UK: what should we learn from the Winter 2013/14 floods?” was written by Liz Stephens and Hannah Cloke (it can be found here). This post … Continue reading

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Flood forecasting systems around the world – Interview with Thomas Adams and Tom Pagano

As the 1st Edition of the book “Flood Forecasting, A Global Perspective” has just been released, Thomas Adams (UCAR) and Tom Pagano (BoM) [see their bio below], editors, recall how the idea of the book was born and what they … Continue reading

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Interactions between the meteorology and hydrology communities – Interview with Martin Best

Contributed by Maria-Helena Ramos, member of the Irstea Guest Columnist Team At Irstea, the Catchment Hydrology group working in Antony (southern Paris) has been developing research that aims at better integrating knowledge from meteorology in hydrological models and forecasting systems. … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Martyn Clark – On Modeling, Forecasting, Life and Everything

Contributed by Andy Wood and Maria-Helena Ramos On October 27th, 2015, we had the chance to sit at a local Boulder Colorado brewery and have a casual conversation with Martyn Clark. Martyn is a scientist in the Hydrometeorological Applications Program … Continue reading

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How the community contributes to urban flood control

Contributed by Verônica Bernardes (MSc in Civil Engineering – Urban Drainage – CEFET, Minas Gerais, Brazil) On September 4, 2015, I interviewed Solange Fonseca de Araujo, a specialist in Social Psychology, who works for the city of Belo Horizonte (the … Continue reading

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Introducing… Gemma Coxon

For the second ‘Introducing…’ blog post I invited Gemma Coxon to introduce herself and her work to the HEPEX community. Gemma is an early-career researcher at Bristol University. Liz: Hello! Can you introduce yourself in a couple of sentences? Gemma: Hi, my name … Continue reading

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HBV – The most famous hydrological model of all? An interview with its father: Sten Bergström

Contributed by Fredrik Wetterhall Numerous are the hydrologists that has come in contact with the HBV (Hydrologiska byråns vattenbalansavdelning) model, either through their own hands-on experience in applying it themselves or through the vast literature on the model and its … Continue reading

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Introducing… Fernando Mainardi Fan

For the first ‘Introducing…’ blog post I invited Fernando Mainardi Fan to introduce himself and his work to the HEPEX community. I first met Fernando after the fantastic talk and poster he presented at EGU this year, and I’m pleased … Continue reading

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Interview with Beth Ebert: What is good forecast verification?

Contributed by Tom Pagano, a HEPEX guest columnist for 2014 The opinions expressed here are solely the author’s and Dr. Ebert’s and do not express the views or opinions of their employer or the Australian Government. HEPEX is spurring interest in Hydrologic … Continue reading

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