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Using ensemble forecasts to inform risk-based operations of a reservoir in Northern California

Contributed by:  Chris Delaney, Sonoma County Water Agency; John Mendoza, Sonoma County Water Agency; Brett Whitin, California Nevada River Forecast Center; Rob Hartman, Consultant Lake Mendocino is a reservoir located in Mendocino County, California, about 110 miles north of the … Continue reading

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Bridging the gap between forecasters and operational hydrologists: an OzEWEX summer institute project

Contributed by Melanie Loveridge, Bex Dunn and Yiling Liu How often do we assume that we understand the users’ needs, which may later be proven untrue? At the recent OzEWEX Australian Climate and Water Summer Institute – held in Canberra, … Continue reading

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Flood forecasting systems around the world – Interview with Thomas Adams and Tom Pagano

As the 1st Edition of the book “Flood Forecasting, A Global Perspective” has just been released, Thomas Adams (UCAR) and Tom Pagano (BoM) [see their bio below], editors, recall how the idea of the book was born and what they … Continue reading

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Ensemble forecasting experiments in a medium size tropical basin using MASTER rainfall forecasts

Contributed by Adalberto Meller and Fernando Fan, members of the LSH Research Group Guest Columnist Team As we have seem in our first post, great advances occurred in Brazil in the last years concerning the development of flood alert systems, … Continue reading

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A never-ending struggle – Improving spring melt runoff forecast via snow information

Contributed by David Gustafsson (SMHI), member of the SMHI Guest Columnist Team As long as we can remember, the Swedish hydropower hydrologists have tried to improve the spring melt runoff predictions by integrating snow measurements in their forecast models. Various … Continue reading

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El Niño leads to collaboration for developing ensemble flood forecasting in Peru

Contributed by Liz Stephens, Beatriz Revilla-Romero and Juan Bazo The Forecast-based Financing (FbF) project for Peru was initially set-up to assist communities vulnerable to flooding on the River Amazon in Iquitos, and to cold-waves in Puno. However, the emergence of the … Continue reading

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Should the forecaster modify an ensemble hydrological forecast? A case study.

Andrea is an operational forecaster at the US National Weather Service’s North Central River Forecast Centre. She writes about some very specific forecasting challenges that she and her colleagues are faced with on a daily basis. Introduction Devils Lake water … Continue reading

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Real-time forecasts for your holidays in Switzerland. Keep tuned and give feedback!

In Switzerland the 1st of June represents the unofficial start of the flash-flood season. Against this, in 2013 we selected June 1st to launch our platform on early recognition of critical droughts (see this post here). At that moment, … Continue reading

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HEPS challenges the wisdom of the crowds

Contributed by Massimiliano Zappa and Kaethi Liechti The wisdom of the crowd is “the process of taking into account the collective opinion of a group of individuals rather than a single expert to answer a question. A large group’s aggregated … Continue reading

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How much can we expect from forecasting systems in the future? European floods of 2013 – revisited

Contributed by Fredrik Wetterhall In early June 2013, the Northern part of the Alps where hit with extreme rainfall that led to extensive flooding in Central Europe, with a death toll of 25 people and overall economic losses of €12bn. … Continue reading

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