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Flood memory and historical marks of high waters

Contributed by Maria-Helena Ramos (Irstea, France) Last year, the Hepex Portal published a blog post by Richard Davies from about the UK and Ireland floods in December 2015 and January 2016. When navigating through the floodlist website, I found … Continue reading

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Crowdsourced data for flood hydrology – Interview with flood chasers in France and Argentina

Contributed by MH Ramos, member of the IRSTEA Columnist Team A recent paper published in the Journal of Hydrology has drawn my attention: Crowdsourced data for flood hydrology: Feedback from recent citizen science projects in Argentina, France and New Zealand. The paper deals … Continue reading

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The quest for better global precipitation data

Contributed by Hylke Beck, Albert van Dijk, Ad de Roo, Jaap Schellekens, Diego Miralles, Brecht Martens, and Vincenzo Levizzani Information on precipitation is essential for almost any hydrological study. Unfortunately, precipitation is also one of the most difficult to estimate … Continue reading

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Forecasting over international borders: limitations and solutions for large-scale or continental forecasting systems

Contributed by Chantal Donnelly (SMHI), member of the SMHI Guest Columnist Team Global and continental forecasting schemes already exist and are used to inform disaster management in countries without sufficient national forecast systems of their own, as inputs to operational … Continue reading

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Get your geek on: handling data for ensemble forecasting

Contributed by James Bennett, David Robertson, Andrew Schepen, Jean-Michel Perraud and Robert Bridgart, members of the CSIRO Columnist Team There’s something about discussions of data handling that’s particularly soporific – but don’t nod off yet! Most hydrologists are trained to work … Continue reading

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#FloodHack inspired ideas to improve global flood forecasting

The #FloodHack on 16 -17 January at ECMWF in Reading brought together about 50 volunteers from ECMWF, universities, environmental consultancies and software development companies over a weekend of development. Their goal was to explore ways of making the Global Flood Awareness … Continue reading

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When does a model value become an observation?

Posted by @Hydrology_WSL (Massimiliano Zappa) on behalf also of @FPappenberger (Florian Pappenberger), @stagge_hydro (Jim Stagge) and @BteBrake (Bram te Brake). We acknowledge also tweets by @highlyanna (Anne Jefferson) and by @YoungHydrology. This blog post started out of the blue on … Continue reading

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Using the Web for Environmental Big Data

Contributed by Claudia Vitolo and Wouter Buytaert (Civil and Environmental Engineering, Imperial College London) About 90% of all the data in the world has been generated over the last two years1. At this rate, in 2015 we are expected to … Continue reading

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