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Forecasts of water variables – interview with Ilias Pechlivanidis

I can’t exactly remember the first time I met Ilias, but I can remember that every time we have the opportunity to sit together, we end up having great talks about hydrology, modelling and Greece (including its food/drink specialities and … Continue reading

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Hydrologic similarity: Bridging the gap between hyper-resolution and hydrologic ensemble prediction

Contributed by:  Nate Chaney (Princeton University) and Andy Newman (NCAR) The ever-increasing volume of global environmental data and the continual increase in computational power continue to drive a push towards fully distributed modeling of the hydrologic cycle at hyper-resolutions (10-100 … Continue reading

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The family of the GR hydrological models – Interview with Charles Perrin and Vazken Andréassian

Contributed by Guillaume Thirel and Maria-Helena Ramos, members of the Irstea Guest Columnist Team You may have already heard of one of the GR models developed by the Catchment Hydrology research group at Irstea in the Centre of Antony (France). Or you … Continue reading

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Uncertainty in operational hydrological forecasting: Insights from SMHI’s services

Contributed by Ilias Pechlivanidis  (SMHI), member of the SMHI Guest Columnist Team Background The production of hydrological forecasts generally involves the selection of model(s) and their setup, calibration and initialization, verification and updating, generation and evaluation of forecasts. However, the precision of hydrological forecasts … Continue reading

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Ensembles of hydrological modellers can foster advances – Example with a participative workshop

Contributed by Guillaume Thirel, member of the IRSTEA Columnist Team The 2013 IAHS General Assembly in Göteborg saw two very interesting events happening: The biennal IAHS ultimate frisbee tournament, organised by Irstea since 2007 [1], that featured some of the Prediction … Continue reading

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The importance of river hydrodynamics modeling for large scale flood forecasting

Contributed by Ayan Fleischmann and Fernando Fan, members of the LSH Research Group Guest Columnist Team River hydrodynamics and hydrographs Satisfactory flood predictions require satisfactory model representativeness of river transport processes. In the past years, the Large Scale Hydrology (LSH) … Continue reading

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Can a single hydrological model structure provide realistic simulations everywhere? Insights from the Bertinoro workshop

Contributed by Nans Addor and Gemma Coxon In April 2016, thirty-one scientists and one mankini-clad Martyn Clark (check here for a recent HEPEX interview with M. Clark) ascended the steep hill on which the italian town of Bertinoro is perched to attend … Continue reading

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Interactions between the meteorology and hydrology communities – Interview with Martin Best

Contributed by Maria-Helena Ramos, member of the Irstea Guest Columnist Team At Irstea, the Catchment Hydrology group working in Antony (southern Paris) has been developing research that aims at better integrating knowledge from meteorology in hydrological models and forecasting systems. … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Martyn Clark – On Modeling, Forecasting, Life and Everything

Contributed by Andy Wood and Maria-Helena Ramos On October 27th, 2015, we had the chance to sit at a local Boulder Colorado brewery and have a casual conversation with Martyn Clark. Martyn is a scientist in the Hydrometeorological Applications Program … Continue reading

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WhatsApp chat between a forecaster and a modeller in hydrology

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