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Recent development of post-processing methods in short-term hydrometeorological ensemble forecasting

Contributed by Wentao Li and Qingyun Duan  Due to various uncertainties in model inputs and outputs, initial and boundary conditions, model structures and parameters, raw forecasts from meteorological or hydrological models suffer from systematic bias and under/overdispersion errors and they … Continue reading

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How suitable is quantile mapping for post-processing GCM precipitation forecasts?

Contributed by QJ Wang, University of Melbourne* Back in September 2015 at the highly successful HEPEX Seasonal Hydrological Forecasting Workshop at SMHI in Norrkoping, Sweden, I heard a number of presentations and saw posters on the use of quantile mapping … Continue reading

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Pre-, post-processing or both?

by Marie-Amélie Boucher, a HEPEX 2015 Guest Columnist Do you think it is better to pre-process the meteorological forecasts, to post-process the hydrological forecasts or to do both? Why? Following this blog about future directions for post-processing research, this challenge was … Continue reading

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Interactions between data assimilation and post-processing

I have recently contributed to a paper where we investigate how statistical post-processing and data assimilation (also called real-time model updating in the engineering community) can be intrinsically related in the hydrological forecasting framework. The paper, co-written with François Bourgin … Continue reading

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HEPEX Webinar: Statistical post-processing of ensemble weather forecasts: current development and future directions

This webinar is co-hosted together with ECMWF and will be longer than usual, approximately 1 hour. Otherwise the procedure is as usual. Speaker: Tilmann Gneiting, University of Heidelberg Date and time: Wednesday, February 11, 2015 15:30 (UTC) Link to the recording here  Abstract: Statistical post-processing techniques serve to … Continue reading

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Introducing CBaM for post-processing GCM seasonal climate forecasts

Contributed by QJ Wang, Andrew Schepen and David Robertson The CBaM (calibration, bridging and merging) method aims to make the best use of General circulation model (GCM) outputs to produce the most skillful and reliable forecasts for operational applications. Calibration … Continue reading

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HEPEX-SIP Topic: Post-processing (3/3)

Contributed by Nathalie Voisin, Jan Verkade and Maria-Helena Ramos So, what are the current challenges and research needs in post-processing?  At the HEPEX meetings and workshops, several challenges related to the use of statistical post-processors in hydrological ensemble prediction were … Continue reading

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HEPEX-SIP Topic: Post-processing (2/3)

Contributed by Maria-Helena Ramos, Nathalie Voisin and Jan Verkade What can we find about post-processors for hydrological prediction in the literature? A small review to be completed by you! In hydrologic uncertainty analysis, the Bayesian framework prevails to analytically derive … Continue reading

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HEPEX-SIP Topic: Post-processing (1/3)

Contributed by Jan Verkade, Maria-Helena Ramos and Nathalie Voisin Before summarizing achievements and challenges for this topic, let’s first discuss what is behind the word ‘post-processing’ (as we understand it!) Hydrological ensemble forecasts are characterized by uncertainties originating from multiple … Continue reading

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Intercomparison of streamflow post-processors Post-Processing hydrologic model simulations (Phase 1)

Contributed by James Brown, Nathalie Voisin and Maria-Helena Ramos The experiment was launched in June 2012 and the first results are currently being anlaysed. See our poster presented at EGU 2013: Posters HS4.3/AS4.20/NH1.13 – Ensemble hydro-meteorological forecasting for improved risk … Continue reading

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