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Skilful seasonal forecasts of streamflow over Europe?

Contributed by Louise Arnal, University of Reading & ECMWF Editor’s Note: Don’t miss the brilliant cartoon summary at the bottom of this post! Over recent decades, seasonal streamflow forecasting methods have evolved and diversified, reflecting changes in our scientific understanding … Continue reading

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Hydropower management in Brazil and water forecasts – Interview with Alberto Assis dos Reis

Alberto is an engineer and hydrologist at Cemig, a Brazilian power company headquartered in Belo Horizonte, the capital of the state of Minas Gerais, and is currently starting a PhD work at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG). His … Continue reading

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How suitable is quantile mapping for post-processing GCM precipitation forecasts?

Contributed by QJ Wang, University of Melbourne* Back in September 2015 at the highly successful HEPEX Seasonal Hydrological Forecasting Workshop at SMHI in Norrkoping, Sweden, I heard a number of presentations and saw posters on the use of quantile mapping … Continue reading

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Meeting user needs for sub-seasonal streamflow forecasts in Australia

By Tongtiegang Zhao, Andrew Schepen and Q.J. Wang, members of the CSIRO Columnist Team Good streamflow forecasts allow water management agencies to make better decisions and achieve more efficient water use. Currently, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology provides seasonal forecasts of three-month-total streamflow for … Continue reading

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A never-ending struggle – Improving spring melt runoff forecast via snow information

Contributed by David Gustafsson (SMHI), member of the SMHI Guest Columnist Team As long as we can remember, the Swedish hydropower hydrologists have tried to improve the spring melt runoff predictions by integrating snow measurements in their forecast models. Various … Continue reading

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Tracing The Origins of ESP

HEPEX Historical Hydrology Series, Edition 1 Contribution by Andy Wood, Tom Pagano, and Maury Roos, with special thanks to Mike Anderson Every day in the western US and elsewhere in the world, reservoir release decisions are made based in part … Continue reading

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Feedback on HEPEX sessions at the MODSIM2015 conference

Contributed by James Bennett (CSIRO), Sean Turner (Singapore University of Technology and Design), David Robertson (CSIRO), Lucy Marshall (UNSW) Sunday November 30, 17:00: preposterously muscled men and women, luminescent in orange spray-on tans and micro singlets, descended on the convention … Continue reading

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Special issue in HESS: Sub-seasonal to seasonal hydrological forecasting

To start of 2016 on a positive note, HEPEX is happy to invite contributions to a special issue in HESS on sub-seasonal to seasonal hydrological forecasting. The special issue is a follow-up on the workshop in Norrköping in September 2015 as … Continue reading

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El Niño leads to collaboration for developing ensemble flood forecasting in Peru

Contributed by Liz Stephens, Beatriz Revilla-Romero and Juan Bazo The Forecast-based Financing (FbF) project for Peru was initially set-up to assist communities vulnerable to flooding on the River Amazon in Iquitos, and to cold-waves in Puno. However, the emergence of the … Continue reading

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Outcomes of the HEPEX workshop on seasonal hydrological forecasting at SMHI

Contributed by Maria-Helena Ramos, Fredrik Wetterhall, Andy Wood and Ilias Pechlivanidis All in all, 55 participants attended last week’s HEPEX workshop on seasonal hydrological forecasting at SMHI. The aim of the workshop was to provide a forum for users, forecasters … Continue reading

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