HEPEX Workshops & Meetings

HEPEX Workshops & Meetings

Upcoming HEPEX Workshops & Meetings

  • December 2018: click here to find out about HEPEX-related sessions at the next AGU Fall Meeting, 10-14 December in Washington.
  • April 2019: abstract submission has opened for EGU 2019, deadline 10th January 2019. Click here for an overview of hydrological forecasting sessions at EGU (7-12 April in Vienna), and here for information on the Hydrological Forecasting sub-division over the past 10 years.
  • July 2019: abstract submission has opened for the next IUGG and IAHS Symposia, which will be held in Montreal, Canada, on July 8-18, 2019. Deadline for abstract submission: 18th February 2019 (here). The full program can be found here. The two sessions co-organized with HEPEX are:

H14 – Sub-Seasonal to Seasonal Predictions: Skill and Limits for Decision-Based Forecasting Convener: Harald Kunstmann (Germany); Co-Conveners: Chris White (Australia), Koray K. Yilmaz (Turkey), Andy Wood (USA), Ilias Pechlivanidis (Sweden), Andrew Robertson (USA). [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

The continued development of sub-seasonal to seasonal (S2S) ensemble predictions – with forecast horizons ranging from ~10 days to several months and seasons ahead – provides new opportunities for improved and effective decision-making across sectors such as agriculture, forestry, transport, energy, health, insurance, tourism and infrastructure. This ICCLAS-led symposium, in partnership with the international HEPEX research and practice community, will bring together scientists, operational forecasters, practitioners and decision-makers to discuss the latest developments in S2S hydrological forecasting and their application across the water management and disaster risk reduction sectors. This symposium invites abstracts from both the meteorological and hydrological forecasting communities that address the skill and application of S2S predictions sts, including ensemble verification and assessments of the limitations of S2S forecasting. The aims of the symposium are to better understand and improve hydrometeorological predictability on S2S timescales, and to promote the dissemination and practical use of hydrological forecasts to enable user communities to take advantage of ensemble forecasts for decision-making. We particularly invite presentations from the WWRP/WCRP Sub-seasonal to Seasonal (S2S) project that utilise the newly established S2S database, and from the HEPEX research and practice community.[/read]

H15 – Short-Range Hydrometeorological Forecasting Convener: Marie-Amélie Boucher (Canada); Co-Conveners: François Anctil (Canada), Maria-Helena Ramos (France), Fredrik Wetterhall (UK), Vincent Fortin (Canada).[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

Short-range hydrological forecasts (several hours to 10-15 days) provide crucial information for decision making based on unknown future hydrometeorological conditions. This may concern end users dealing with both risk assessment and water resources management, and involves several scales in time and space. A large number of operational applications may benefit from hydrological forecasting systems that issue reliable and accurate forecasts: flood warning, drought risk management, reservoir control, water use planning, hydropower production, etc. This symposium is dedicated to address scientific developments in hydrological forecasting and uncertainty assessment for the needs of practitioners, decision- and policy-makers. The objective is to identify challenges and discuss solutions in implementing, using and communicating uncertain hydrological forecasts in operational practice. The symposium is organized under the auspices of the HEPEX (www.hepex.org), a community of practice in hydrological ensemble predictions, which was launched in 2004 to foster scientific developments necessary to improve the skill of probabilistic hydrological predictions and their use in operational contexts.[/read]

  • 2020: The HEPEX 8th International Workshop on Hydrological Ensemble Prediction will be organized in France in 2020. More information coming soon.

Most Recent HEPEX Workshops

The 2018 HEPEX workshop took place in Melbourne, Australia in February 2018.

Past HEPEX Workshops

Click here to access information and presentations from past HEPEX workshops.