Quiz: Can you guess the city by looking at its river from space?

Quiz: Can you guess the city by looking at its river from space?

Contributed by Calum Baugh, Maria-Helena Ramos and Florian Pappenberger

Here are eight cities (and their rivers) seen from Google Earth. Can you recognize them?

Since nobody seems to have guessed the quiz we had in a previous post, we provide for each city/river some clues. Additionally, keep in mind the general clue for all of them: there is at least one Hepex member living in (or very close by) each of these cities (you don’t need to guess who they are…)

River 1: ‘Flooding often coincides with high tides in this city, its barrier can protect against storm surges…but for how long?’ Check the answer here

River 2: ‘The river drains the second largest lake in this country, industry thrived along its banks leading to the nickname Little Manchester.’ Check the answer here

River 3: ‘This river drains the lake which is eponymous from this city, flowing northwest, its steep gradient means there are 10 hydroelectric stations along its route prior to its confluence.’ Check the answer here

River 4: ‘Apparently, here, (non-hydrologists) tourists are often confused about the terms “right bank” and “left bank” and may spend hours trying to figure out which side of the river they are standing on.’ Check the answer here

River 5: ‘Heavy rain and catastrophic flooding was particularly observed in September 2013. They say the event went quickly from bad to worse. It was eight days, 1,000-year rain, 100-year flood.’ Check the answer here

River 6: ‘The canals somewhat dwarf the river here; perhaps hepexers will be more familiar with the beer to which the river lends its name.’ Check the answer here

River 7: ‘Flooding occurred along this river in May 2017 when nearly double the April rainfall average fell; however this city was spared any damage, with the worst affected being the cities upstream.’ Check the answer here

River 8: ‘Heavy flood protection prevents many floods in this city, but in 2014 the flooding resulted primarily from moderate rainfall combined with 111 km/h winds ‘pushing’ water upriver.’ Check the answer here

So, how many cities have you guessed right?

2 thoughts on “Quiz: Can you guess the city by looking at its river from space?

  1. Great idea, but this is though! I shamefully admit that I got only 3/8. Or perhaps 3.5/8, if a city with similar characteristics and in the same country as the good answer can count as 0.5

  2. Nice quiz – but I am afraid I did little better that Marie-Amélie; Thames, Limmat, and of course the Amstel were my 3! Afraid I did not get the half though. Perhaps the a shift towards drought is a good thing. Looking forward to check out the Yarra River from the ground next year!

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