Science and Implementation Plan

HEPEX was officially launched in 2004 and the upcoming HEPEX Decennial (2004-2014) offers the opportunity to update the HEPEX science and implementation plan (HEPEX-SIP).


The first Implementation Plan for The Hydrological Ensemble Prediction Experiment (HEPEX) was proposed by Eric Wood, Lifeng Luo, John Schaake, Roberto Buizza, Alan Hall and Kristie Franz on October 7th, 2006.

Within HEPEX, a lot has been done since this first implementation plan. New challenges have emerged and experiences from different users that have been investing in hydrological ensemble predictions for flood forecasting and water management have been acquired.

It is time now to gather past efforts and summarize achievements in the different areas covered by HEPEX. This will allow us to update research and operational development needs, as well as to identify priorities for the coming years.

To summarize HEPEX activities, we have chosen six main topics of interest to HEPEX:

You are invited to contribute to any of the topics above with ideas and suggestions. Some discussion documents have already been posted (check the available blogs).

We are looking forward to your contribution!