The HEPEX mailing list

The HEPEX mailing list is a semi-moderated electronic mail distribution list intended to communicate information between those interested in the subject area of HEPEX. The mailing list address is hepex – at –


What should the mailing list be used for?
If it’s relevant to the HEPEX community, don’t be shy and post it: events, job opportunities, publications, new HEPEX portal posts, et cetera. On the other hand, if it’s not relevant… thanks! Messages of commercial nature are not appreciated and we’re not keen on ‘you haven’t lived if you’ve not read my latest paper’-type messages, either. Moderation is at the discretion of list owners and managers.

How to (un)subscribe
The procedure for subscribing differs depending on whether you want to register your email address with Google or not. Note that registering your email address is not the same as subscribing to a GoogleGroups mailing list.

  1. Register through the email list’s web page if you have a Gmail account or if you’d like to register your non-Gmail account with Google.
  2. Send an email to if you don’t want to register your email address with Google. You’ll receive a confirmation email TO WHICH YOU HAVE TO REPLY! The confirmation email also contains a link, but that leads to the web page where you have to register with Google, i.e. to the option described above.

You may want to check if mailing list messages do not end up in a spam filter!

To UNsubscribe, simply send an email to

How to consult the mailing list archives
The mailing list archives are available from the Google Group HEPEX site.

Guidelines for posting messages
Below, I outline some guidelines that we have set forth for posting messages to the list. Please read these over and refer to them when posting.

  1. Messages are submitted to the hepex mailing list by emailing them to hepex -at-
  2. Messages from members are posted without moderation; messages from ‘guests’ are moderated.
  3. Do NOT include attachments; these are scrubbed from digest messages and users have to dig through the archives to find them. Instead, copy and paste text into the message itself.
  4. DO include a useful subject – “PhD position available at Ohio State University (USA)” is far better than “Please post this to HEPEX”. These subjects are preserved for eternity!
  5. Do NOT email moderators and ask them to post your messages. Send all messages to the list at HEPEX-at-GOOGLEGROUPS.COM
  6. Do NOT hold lengthy discussion on the list. Reply to the original author. The original author should post a summary of the discussion back to the list.
  7. If you’re not sure if your message was sent, please wait 24 hours and then check the archives before asking the list moderators what happened.
  8. Those seeking opportunities are encouraged to search the HEPEX mailing list archives for previous announcements.

Credit due where credit is due
These guides are inspired on those from the ‘cryolist’ mailing list. Thanks, guys!

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2 Responses to The HEPEX mailing list

  1. ZhengJing says:

    HEPEX is a good organization. I’d like to see some more forecast example in the field of operational hydrologic forecasting.

    • Maria-Helena Ramos says:

      Me too. The new post by Florian (“Operational HEPS systems around the globe”) is maybe a good opportunity to put together information about existing operational systems, either if they operate with ensemble predictions or not. We can thus have a good picture of operational hydrological forecasting practices around the world and better face remaining challenges in HEPS.

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